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Nicolas Anelka: Chelsea's Tough Defense Makes Us An Attacking Powerhouse

Scoring goals is all about mentality.

By Zack Wilson

Aug 30, 2010 10:32:00 AM

 Nicolas Anelka ,Wigan Athletic vs Chelsea,EPL (Getty Images)
Nicolas Anelka ,Wigan Athletic vs Chelsea,EPL
Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka believes that a miserly attitude in defense is the secret behind the Blues' impressive goalscoring form this season.

Carlo Ancelotti's men have hit 13 goals in their first three Premier League games of the new season, but Anelka feels that the foundations for that hot streak have been set further back in the team than the forward line.

"We have the mentality not to concede first and then we know almost every time we can score one goal," the former French international told his club's official website.

"You know when you play with Chelsea that if I don't score, Didier can score and if he doesn't score, Flo [Florent Malouda] can score and if none of us score, Sala [Salomon Kalou] can come on and score. Everybody can score in this team."

The form of Malouda in particular has impressed Anelka, with the winger now fully acclimatised to life in the English top flight after struggling a little when he first arrived several seasons back.

"Flo likes to listen to ragga music in the dressing room and dance and it is fun. On the pitch he is intelligent, he can score, he can assist and also he is very strong," Anelka explained.

"Now he scores more goals than before and he wants to score more and more. He has been here three years and he has got use to it, he has more confidence.

"It is difficult to come from the French League and straight away to a big club like Chelsea. In England it is tough, it is stronger, everything is quicker and you have to get some games to get used to the English game.

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Champions League Draw: Group F - Your Guide To Chelsea, Marseille, Spartak Moscow & Zilina

Aug 26, 2010 9:36:00 PM

Chelsea VS West Bromwich Albion, Premier 
League (Getty Image)
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Chelsea VS West Bromwich Albion, Premier League (Getty Image)

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Join Goal.com for a quick briefing on Group F of the upcoming UEFA Champions League.

Here we'll bring you the lowdown on the teams involved.


Group F
Spartak Moscow


Last season at home: Winners, English Premier League; Winners, FA Cup; Quarter-finalists, League Cup.
Last season in Europe: Champions League last 16
Coach: Carlo Ancelotti, since June 2009
Playing style: Physical and direct, look to dominate opponents
Strength: Prolific forward players with an eye for goal
Weakness: Technically suspect defense prone to occasional lapses
Key men: Didier Drogba, Michael Essien, John Terry
Realistic Objective: Champions League finalists
Starting XI (4-3-3): Cech; Ivanovic, Alex, Terry, Cole; Mikel, Essien, Lampard; Anelka, Malouda, Drogba.


Last season at home: Winners, Ligue 1; Round of 32, Coupe de France; Winners, Coupe de la Ligue.
Last season in Europe: Third in their Champions League group, Europa League round of 16.
Coach: Didier Deschamps since summer 2009
Playing style: Likely to attack primarily down the flanks and leave a burly front player to cause the damage in the box.
Strength: Should be a team with plenty of goals in them.
Weakness: Lacking stability, cohesion and real European experience throughout the side.
Key men: Gabriel Heinze, Lucho Gonzalez
Realistic Objective: Quarter-finals
Starting XI (4-2-3-1): Mandanda; Azpilicueta, Mbia, Heinze, Taiwo; Kabore, Cisse; Remy, Lucho, A. Ayew; Gignac.


Last season at home:
Runners-up in Russian Premier League
Last season in Europe: N/A
Coach: Valery Karpin since April 2009
Playing style: Attractive short-passing game
Strengths: Lots of Brazilian talent, imaginative play, plenty of attacking options on the bench
Weaknesses: No decent goalkeeper, defensive errors, young team with no experience
Key men: Welliton, Alex, Ibson
Realistic Objective: Third and Europa League place
Starting XI (4-5-1): Pesyakov; Parshivlyuk, Pareja, Suchy, Makeev; Sheshukov, Ibson, McGeady, D.Kombarov, Alex; Welliton.


Last season at home: Winners, Slovak Corgon Liga; Third round, Slovak Cup
Last season in Europe: Eliminated in Europa League play-offs
Coach: Pavel Hapal since July 2009
Playing style: Uncomplicated and methodical, with good organization
Strength: The side’s cohesion makes them a sum far greater than their constituent parts
Weakness: They lack much individual quality to get them out of trouble
Key men: Martin Dubravka, Emil Rilke, Momodou Ceesay
Realistic Objective: Avoid finishing bottom of the group
Starting XI (4-4-2): Dubravka; Guldan, Pecalka, Placek, Mraz; Rilke, Bello, Jez, Majtan; Ovavec, Ceesay.


Chelsea would appear to have a fairly straightforward route to the knockout rounds of the 2010/11 Champions League. They will, however, have to negotiate Marseille, coached by one of their former players Didier Deschamps; Spartak Moscow, who could play the role of party-poopers in this group; and Slovakian champions MSK Zilina.

Carlo Ancelotti’s red-hot Blues will be happy with this draw, although they will not relish the tricky visits to Russia and Slovakia. The west London side scored 12 goals in their first two Premier League games: Florent Malouda and Didier Drogba were shown to be in particularly insatiable form, having notched up three goals each so far, with Nicolas Anelka and Salomon Kalou close behind with two each. Goals are always crucial in the Champions League, and Chelsea should have no problems scoring them - just don’t expect half a dozen goals every matchday. They will be runaway favourites to top the group.

The English giants’ closest rivals to top Group F will be French champions Marseille. L’OM had a tumultuous start to the new campaign when Mamadou Niang left the club, Hatem Ben Arfa threatened to walk, and they lost their opening Ligue 1 game. Things have improved for coach Deschamps, however, with the captures of Loic Remy and Andre-Pierre Gignac and they got back on track on the domestic front. Marseille failed to get out of the group stage last season, but they will feel confident of snapping up second spot in the group this time around.

Russian sides are always difficult and unpredictable and Spartak Moscow will fancy their chances to sneak that second place away from Marseille. Last season’s Russian Premier League runners-up are already halfway through their current domestic campaign and they could focus on European competition as they languish out of the top six at present in the Russian table. Playing at the Luzhniki Stadium in the dead of winter will be a tall order for any opponent, and coach Valery Karpin will be using that to his advantage.

Wrapping up the group is yet another league champion, but a debutant in Europe’s blue-ribbon club competition, Zilina. They comprehensively beat Sparta Prague 3-0 on aggregate in the play-off round to progress to the group stage for the first time in their history. They are very much the outsiders, but there have been surprises aplenty in the Champions League in the past, and while Zilina are always capable of causing an upset in a game or two, they will need more than that to qualify for the last 16.

Mandi wajib

Berkongsi sedikit ilmu… dari JAKIM.

Mandi wajib yg betul…..
Mandi wajib merupakan perkataan yang mudah disebut, tetapi jangan terkejut jika dikatakan banyak umat Islam di tanahair kita yang tidak sah mandi wajibnya kerana tidak melakukannya dengan betul.

Untuk melakukan mandi wajib yang betul, seseorang itu tidak boleh melakukannya dengan hanya mandi secara berdiri atau duduk mencangkung sahaja. Sebaliknya, ia mesti dilakukan dalam kedua2 keadaan bagi membolehkan seseorang itu meratakan air ke seluruh anggota badannya yang zahir.

Penolong Pengarah Bahagian Dakwah, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), Uztaz Haji Mat Jais Kamos, 49, menegaskan, bagaimanapun, berdasarkan pengalamannya sebagai bekas kadi di Pejabat Agama Islam Gombak Timur dan penceramah, didapati banyak umat Islam yang tidak mengetahui perkara ini.

“Akibatnya, mandi majibnya menjadi tidak sah kerana tidak memenuhi salah satu rukun mandi wajib iaitu meratakan air keseluruh anggota badan yang zahir. Apabila mandi wajib tidak sah, ibadat yang dilakukan oleh seseorang itu juga turut tidak sah. Itulah akibatnya jika tidak melakukan mandi wajib dengan betul,” tegas beliau ketika ditemui di rumahnya di Taman Sri Keramat Kuala Lumpur .

Mandi wajib yang juga sebagai mandi junub atau janabah tidak boleh dipandang ringan oleh umat islam. Setiap orang yang mlakukannya mestilah mengetahui dan memenuhi rukun2nya. Jika tidak mandi wajib seseorang itu tidak akan sah.
Rukun mandi wajib ada 3 perkara. Pertama, niat. Kedua , menghilangkan najis di badan.Ketiga , meratakan air keseluruh anggota badan yang zahir.
Niat mandi wajib: “Sahaja aku mengangkat hasar besar kerana Allah Taala.”
Atau ” Sahaja aku mandi wajib kerana Allah Taala.”

Niat itu di dalam hati dan ia hendaklah disertakan ketika air sampai ke mana2 bahagian anggota badan.
Bagi perempuan yang habis haid, niat mandi wajib ialah: ” Sahaja aku mengangkat hadas haid kerana Allah Taala.” Manakala bagi perempuan yang habis nifas, niat mandi wajibnya ialah: ” Sahaja aku mengangkat hadas nifas kerana Allah Taala”.

Niat itu jika dilambatkan atau ketika seseorang itu memulakannya selepas dia telah membasuh salah 1 anggota badannya akan menjadikan mandi wajibnya tidak sah. Oleh itu dia mestilah memulakan kembali niatnya ketika dia mula menyampaikan air keseluruh anggota badannya. Sekiranya dia berniat sebelum air sampai ke badan, niat itu juga tidak sah. Oleh itu mandi wajibnya tidak sah.

Mengenai rukun mandi wajib yang ke2, iaitu menghilangkan najis yang ada pada badan , menurut Ustaz Haji Mat Jais, menurut Imam Nawawi, jika kita ada najis di badan, najis itu boleh dibasuh serentak dengan mandi wajib. Ertinya membasuh najis dengan mandi itu boleh disekalikan.

Sementara rukun mandi wajib yang ke3, iaitu meratakan air ke seluruh anggota badan yang zahir , meliputi kulit, rambut dan bulu yang ada di badan, sama ada bulu2 yang jarang atau lebat. Jika rambut seseorang itu ditocang atau disanggul, sekiranya tidak sampai air ke dalamnya, tocang atau sanggul itu wajiblah dibuka. Bulu2 dalam lubang hidung pula, tidak wajib dibasuh kerana dianggap batin. Tetapi sekiranya, bulu2 di dalam hidung itu bernajis, ia wajiblah dibasuh.

Mengenai kuku pula, jika di dalam kuku ada kotoran yg boleh menghalang sampai air ke badan khususnya di bahagian bawah kuku, kotoran itu wajiblah dibuang. Membuang kotoran di dalam kuku itu pula boleh dilakukan ketika sedang mandi.

Tentang rambut yg diwarnakan pula selain inai, inilah yang merumitnya. Sebenarnya jika rambut seseorang itu diwarnakan dengan pewarna selain inai, mandi wajib seseorang itu tidak sah. Oleh itu, seseorang yang mewarnakan rambutnya dengan pewarna selain inai, jika dia hendak mandi wajib, dia mestilah membuang pewarna pada rambutnya terlebih dahulu. Tetapi untuk membuang pewarna itu pula bagaimana?..
Inilah yang rumitnya. Sedangkan pewarna pada rambut itu sebenarnya tidak boleh dibuang begitu mudah.

Yang menyebabkan mandi wajib orang yang menggunakan pewarna pada rambutnya tidak sah kerana pewarna itu akan menyalut rambutnya yang menghalang air sampai ke rambut. Ini berbeza dengan inai. Inai sebenarnya akan meresap ke rambut, tetapi pewarna pula akan menyalut rambut menyebabkan air terhalang ke rambut.

Tetapi dalam hal ini, jangan pula ada yang salah faham. Sebenarnya pewarna itu jika dikeluarkan sijil halal oleh JAKIM dan sekiranya pewarna itu tidak bernajis, bukanlah bermaksud menjadi tidak sah. Dalam hal ini, sukalah saya menyatakan bahawa sembahyang dan mandi wajib itu berbeza. Jadi, mestilah dipandang dari sudut yg berbeza.

Dalam hal ini juga, sukalah saya menyatakan, huraian mengenai rukun mandi wajib seperti yang telah saya nyatakan ini adalah merupakan perbezaan sah atau tidak mandi wajib. Jadi, ia perlulah diberikan perhatian yang lebih oleh umat Islam.

Mengenai sebab2 seseorang itu wajib mandi wajib pula, Ustaz Haji Mat Jais menegaskan, sebab2nya terdiri daripada 6 sebab. 3 sebab melibatkan lelaki dan perempuan iaitu kerana bersetubuh walaupun tidak keluar air mani, keluar air mani dan mati. Manakala 3 sebab lagi hanya melibatkan kaum perempuan sahaja, iaitu keluar darah haid, nifas dan melahirkan anak(wiladah) .

Mandi wajib boleh dilakukan di mana2 dengan menggunakan air mutlak sama ada air telaga, air paip, sungai laut dan tasik.
Bagi pasangan suami isteri yang bersetubuh pula, mereka tidak semestinya mandi selepas bersetubuh, tetapi diwajibkan mandi ketika ingin beribadat.

Selepas bersetubuh pula, jika ia dilakukan pada waktu malam, jika tidak mahu mandi wajib, seelok2nya ambillah wuduk sebelum tidur itu adalah sunat, manakala tidak berwuduk sebelum tidur adalah makruh.

Panduan Tambahan
1. Agar wajah selalu segar, berseri-seri dan cantik, cucilah minima 5 kali sehari dengan air wudhu. Jangan langsung dikeringkan, biarkan menitis dan kering sendiri. Lalu ambillah sajadah, shalat, berdzikir, dan berdo’a.

2. Untuk menghilangkan stress, perbanyaklah ‘olahraga’. Cukup dengan memperbanyakkan solat. Ketika solat, kita mengerakkan seluruh tubuh. Lalu berkonsultasilah pada Allah SWT dengan dzikir dan do’a.

3. Untuk pelembab, agar awet muda, gunakanlah senyuman. Tidak hanya di bibir tapi juga di hati. Jangan lupa bisikkan ‘kata kunci’, “Allahuma Kamma Hassanta Khalqii Fahassin Khuluqii” (Ya Allah sebagaimana engkau telah memperindah kejadianku, maka perindah pula akhlaqku).

4. Untuk punya bibir cantik, bisikkan kalimat-kalimat Allah, tidak berbohong atau menyakiti hati orang lain, tidak menyombongkan diri atau takbur.

5. Agar tubuh langsing, mulus, diet yang teratur dengan berpuasa seminggu 2 kali, Isnin dan Khamis. Jika kuat, lebih bagus lagi puasa Nabi Daud AS i.e. selang satu hari. Makanlah makanan halal, perbanyak sayuran, buah-buahan, dan air putih.

6. Untuk mengembangkan diri, sebarkan salam dan sapaan. Dengan demikian kita akan banyak dikenal dan disayangi.

Rahsia 13
Inilah dia rahsia as-solat, sebagai peringatan bagi yang sudah tahu atau panduan bagi yang baru tahu……

1. Niat Sembahyang Sebenarnya memeliharakan taubat kita dari dunia dan akhirat.
2. Berdiri Betul Fadilatnya, ketika mati dapat meluaskan tempat kita di dalam kubur.
3. Takbir-ratul Ihram Fadilatnya, sebagai pelita yang menerangi kita di dalam kubur.
4. Fatihah Sebagai pakaian yang indah-indah di dalam kubur.
5. Ruqu’ Sebagai tikar kita di dalam kubur.
6. I’tidal Akan memberi minuman air dari telaga al-kautsar ketika di dalam kubur.
7. Sujud Memagar kita ketika menyeberangi titian SIRATUL-MUSTAQIM.
8. Duduk antara 2 Sujud Akan menaung panji-panji nabi kita di dalam kubur.
9. Duduk antara 2 Sujud (akhir) Menjadi kenderaan ketika kita di padang Mahsyar.
10.Tahhiyat Akhir Sebagai penjawab bagi soalan yang dikemukakan oleh Munkar & Nankir di dalam kubur.
11.Selawat Nabi Sebagai pendinding api neraka di dalam kubur.
12.Salam Memelihara kita di dalam kubur.
13.Tertib Akan pertemuan kita dengan Allah S.W.T.

Dari Abdullah bin ‘Amr R. A., Rasulullah S. A. W.bersabda : “Senarai di atas adalah salah satu sebab mengapa orang Yahudi / Kafir tidak sukakan angka 13 dan juga Hari Jumaat. Itulah sebab mengapa mereka mencipta cerita yang begitu seram sekali iaitu ” FRIDAY the 13th ” jika ada di kalangan kamu yang perasan!!!”

“Sampaikanlah pesanku biarpun satu ayat…” Sebaik-baik manusia itu adalah mereka yang memberi manafa’at kepada manusia lain…

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Vessel with three or more masts with square sails on the fore mast and fore and aft sails on the after mast. Generally in the range of 250 - 700 ton capacity.

A well-preserved example of a commercial Barque is the Falls of Clyde. Built in 1878, it is now preserved as a museum ship in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Additionally, the United States Coast Guard still has an operational Barque, built in Germany in 1936 and captured as a war prize, named the USCGC Eagle.

The oldest active sailing vessel in the world, the Star of India, was built in 1863 as a fully square rigged ship then was later converted into a Barque in 1901.

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Report: Santos Slap €35m Price Tag On Neymar To Ward Off Chelsea Interest

Aug 19, 2010 4:35:00 Am

Neymar - Santos x Vitória (site oficial)
Neymar - Santos x Vitória (site oficial)
Chelsea officials are apparently considering withdrawing their offer to sign Brazilian starlet Neymar from Santos, according to a report from The Independent, after the teenager's club offered to make him their highest paid player.

Santos have also apparently informed Chelsea that the Londoners must pay a €35 million transfer fee or miss out on the player.

The Santos president, Luis Alvaro Oliveira, has reportedly briefed the Brazilian media that there will be no shifting from that asking price for the 18-year-old.

The player himself is understood to be reluctant to move to a club where he wil play in the reserves, with the main impetus for the move believed to be coming from the player's father and agent, Wagner Ribeiro.

Neymar's represnetatives are set to respond to the Santos offer this week. The Brazilian club are believed  to have made the youngster an offer to increase his wages from 160,000 Brazilian Reais (€70,000) a month to R$600,000-a-month (€270,000), as well as a share of the club's commercial deals.

Chelsea are understood to already have had an offer of €20m rejected and are prepared to go as high as €28m.

Mano Menezes, the new Brazil coach, declared this week that he felt Neymar should not join Chelsea, as the saga surrounding the signing of a relatively unproven player continues.

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There are a great many variations of this design throughout history, but nearly all of them adhere to the basic definition below:

Flat bottomed, low draft inland cargo vessel for canals and rivers with or without it's own propulsion. Barges are generally used for the transporting large amounts of cargo, commonly stacked or heaped on it's main deck. This class of vessels are referred to as a "Lighter".

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the power of Balener

The Balener was also known by a variety of names such as:
  • ·        Baleinier,
  • ·        Ballenero,
  • ·        Baleinier,
  • ·        Baleniera.
This ship is very similar to a brig, generally with two masts equipped with square rigged sails. Although there was a bit of variation depending on the individual vessels, this class of ship was typically in the 150 to 200 ton range.

In later years, when whaling became less popular, many of these ships took measure to deter governmental or private interference in their trade. It is difficult to see in the image on the left, but the ship actually has fake cannon holes painted on its hull to give the appearance that it was an armed vessel.

-knowledge is our honour-

Vessel is an advance technology that help us travel/doing our work. Vessel in my opinion is a transportation in water/sea that travel from one port/place to another port/place. To help those of you who may share my passion of ships & sails but may not have done much sailing of your own, I have taken this information from other web that compiled the list of ship to help you to understand the differences between different types of sailing vessels.  If you know of a type of sailing vessel I have missed, please take a moment to email me and let me know. Your knowledge and opinion is much appreciated..tQ

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These ships were large trading vessels commonly built in the Ragusea regions of Dalmatia and Venice during the late 17th century. The actual word "Argosy" is derived from a corruption of the word "Ragusea", likely originated from foreign sailors mispronouncing the word.

The Argosy had a substantial cargo capacity, slightly larger than that of typical Spanish Nao, and were capable of being sailed with a very small crew. As a result, these lumbering crafts were highly economical and very popular with merchants trafficking their cargoes along the European coasts. Due in large part to their bulky dimensions and poor navigational controls, the lumbering vessels were very difficult to control in foul weather. As a result, their use was typically limited to traveling the coastlines of Europe and almost never transoceanic.

Sadly, no existing examples of these ships have ever been excavated or otherwise recovered. We have many examples of these ships from literature and artworks, but their exact dimensions and designs are due more to interpolations of ancient documents than they are due to direct study.

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Puding Raja

Puding Raja
  • 4 sikat pisang lemak manis – dibuang kulit
  • 1 cawan biji gajus – digoreng
  • 2-3 genggam urat emas/jala emas
  • 200g buah prun – dipotong empat
  • Buah ceri merah/hijau
  • 2 sudu besar minyak sapi*
  • Minyak untuk menggoreng
Untuk Kuah Puding
  • 1 tin (410 g) susu cair/sejat
  • 3 biji telur – diambil kuning sahaja
  • Daun pandan – disimpul
  • Air sebanyak ½ tin susu
  • 1-2 cawan gula (ikut rasa)
  • Esen vanila
*untuk mengelakkan pisang dari melekat
Cara memasak
  • Panaskan minyak dan minyak sapi untuk menggoreng dengan minyak yang penuh.
  • Goreng pisang sehingga kuning. Angkat dan letakkan di atas kertas minyak untuk meresap minyak yang berlebihan.
  • Goreng biji gajus.

Kuah Puding
  • Pukul kuning telur bersama susu cair/sejat dan air. Tapis untuk membuang pusat putih telur.
  • Masukkan gula dan kacau sehingga gula larut. Masak di atas api kecil bersama daun pandan sehingga sederhana pekat. Masukkan sedikit esen vanila. Jangan guna api besar dan kacau selalu supaya tidak bergentel. Keluarkan daun pandan bila siap.
Cara Menghidang
  • Aturkan pisang goreng 2-3 lapis di dalam mangkuk. Taburkan urat emas.
  • Kemudian aturkan buah prun, ceri dan biji gajus. Tuangkan kuah ke atasnya apabila hendak dimakan.

Jala Emas

Jala Emas

  • 30biji telur ayam – diambil kuning sahaja
  • 800g gula halus
  • 3 helai daun pandan
  • 8 cawan air
  • Daun pisang untuk dibuat corong
Cara memasak

  • Tapis kuning telur dan pukul sedikit.
  • Masak gula bersama air sehingga hancur dan mendidih. Tapis dan kemudian masak bersama daun pandan sehingga pekat sedikit. Apabila air tersebut mendidih dan berbuih halus, uraikan atau pusing keliling periuk kuning telur dengan corong daun pisang atau corong tembaga ke dalam air gula tersebut.
  • Angkat dan tuskan.
  • Kiraikan urai emas di atas pinggan dengan menggunakan dua batang satay atau garfu.
  • Hidangkan.

Cara Memasak
  • Jika air gula menjadi terlalu pekat, tambah dengan air panas

puding raja

Puding Raja ("Royal Pudding") is a traditional Pahang Malay dish taken as an appetizer or dessert and is easy to make.
In the state of Pahang, this popular delicacy (sometimes also known as "Puding DiRaja") can be found in some restaurants and food-stalls in the royal town of Pekan.
A favorite appetizer or dessert taken by local folks with their evening tea, this calory-filled cuisine is also normally served during traditional Malay weddings and festivals.

Puding Raja is not so much a pudding as a simple dish of bananas with a sauce or gravy of made from milk and cornflour.
"Pisang lemak manis", which is a sweet and rather small type of local banana is usually used as the main ingredient, although other banana varieties are also used.
To add variety and to give a sweeter taste to the dish, other fruits like prunes, cherries and sometimes dates, are also added. A special sweet noodle-like traditional Malay delicacy called "jala emas" is also (when available) sometimes added on the bananas.

As mentioned, Puding Raja is quite easy and fast to make, and takes about 10 – 15 minutes to be ready for serving.
Malays usually take their afternoon tea with some simple snacks, like "pisang goring" (fried bananas) or "cucur kodok" (fried ball-shaped wheat flour filled with onions and anchovies), and other easy and quick-cooking snacks.
You will therefore find that some dutiful Malay housewives will prepare Puding Raja as special afternoon tea accompaniments for the husband or family, especially during the week-ends.

Well, for the chefs out there, here’s a typical recipe for that special Pahang Malay traditional dish known as Puding Raja: -
5 – 10 pieces of (not too ripe) bananas (pisang lemak manis preferable) (**P.S.–- number of pieces according to degree of hunger pangs and longing!)
5 or more pieces of prunes
5 or more pieces of red cherries

1 liter of milk
2 tablespoons of condensed milk
1 teaspoon cornflour
1 egg (beaten softly)
125 ml water
1. Fry the bananas in cooking oil (just a short while in low heat) until they turn a little dark yellowish (not fried). Then take them out and put aside on a plate. If available, spread the "jala mas" on top of the bananas.
2. The sauce or gravy ingredients are blended and mixed together and then boiled in a pot. Stir them well while cooking until the sauce becomes a little thick.
1. Let the sauce or gravy cool before pouring them on the bananas and other fruits. Ready to serve.
2. Eat as much as you like and add some more!!!
(**P.S.-- This recipe was given by my niece, Siti Sarah Fatimah, who made me a delicious dish when I visited her family in Kuantan, Pahang.)

Chelsea 6-0 West Bromwich: Drogba Hits Hat-Trick As Reigning Champions Storm To Top Of The Table

The champions have kicked off the defense of their title in fine style with a 6-0 demolition job over Roberto Di Matteo's promoted West Bromwich at Stamford Bridge.

The Baggies were always up against it after conceding with less than five minutes on the clock, with Florent Malouda scoring early for the Blues. A crucial second was bagged by Chelsea thanks to Didier Drogba before half-time and after the interval, the Ivorian found two more each side of a Lampard strike to put things well beyond the Baggies. Late on, Malouda found his second to round off a fine opening day for Carlo Ancelotti's title holders.

A lack of transfer signings so far meant the Blues' starting line-up featured the usual names that were the staple to success last term. Drogba and Nicolas Anelka both started up-front, ahead of a midfield diamond of Jon Obi Mikel, Michael Essien and Frank Lampard, who passed a late fitness test. Petr Cech, as expected, replaced Henrique Hilario between the sticks.

The Baggies were boosted ahead of kick-off with Graham Dorrans and new signing Pablo Ibanez both being passed fit to start. Scott Carson got the nod in goal, despite the signing of Boaz Myhill from Hull.

There was an urgency about the way Chelsea started the game and with less than five minutes on the clock the Baggies had the prospect of defending a dangerous free-kick on the edge of their box. Drogba was scythed down by Ibanez, and the Ivorian himself took charge of the free-kick and fired at goal. Carson could only palm the shot back out into the danger zone and Chelsea were quick to have men following in to attack the loose ball.

Mikel was first to it but mis-cued his attempt at goal. It didn't matter though as Malouda
was in the right place next to him to bury it easily and give the champions an early lead.

Getting breached at the back so quickly spelled danger for Roberto Di Matteo's side and the Blues could have gone two up moments later when Ashley Cole wasn't tracked down the left channel and was allowed to fire a delicious curling ball low across the goalmouth.

Thankfully for the Baggies, the cross was too quick for any of the Chelsea attack and skidded across the wet surface out of harms way.

The intensity with which the Blues started the game had to let up at some point and after holding on for the first 15 minutes, West Brom were finally allowed to settle into the game.

They had their first chance when a confident passing move up to their attack saw Dorrans turn into goal and let fly with a shot from outside the box. The ball took enough of a deflection to cause Cech to dive to his right and tip it around the post and avoid an unlikely equalizer.

As the game developed it was evident the Blues were allowing the Baggies more space to play but that did not mean the champions didn't look a sizable threat in attack. Malouda went inches from making matters much worse for the Baggies after he latched onto a Lampard mis-kick to the left of the box and hit a volley that bounced just wide at the far post.

West Brom were trying to cause problems at the other end but their attacks were snuffed out easily by John Terry and co. Jerome Thomas trying to get into shooting position in front of Cech by cutting inside on one foray forward meant he was easily stopped in his tracks by the Blues defense.

Down the other end and late in the half Chelsea threatened another time to go two-up. Drogba was again fouled in a promising position outside the box but this time he let Lampard take the free-kick and the Englishman fired a trademark power-shot at goal which Carson could only parry nervously.

The Baggies weren't learning from their mistakes and despite scrambling away the ball to safety that time, they had to set themselves up to defend yet another free-kick in stoppage time moments later. On this occasion the dead-ball chance was a little further out but that did not stop Drogba from stepping up, powering a shot through the wall and into the back of the net to give the Blues a crucial 2-0 lead going into the second period.

Blue tide | Chelsea celebrate Malouda's early opener

The game resumed with no changes from either side but the two-goal lead meant Di Matteo's side had the dangerous prospect of having to open up more and look for a way back into the game as a matter of urgency.

It was Chelsea though that threatened first after the break, a clever reverse flick from Essien almost let Paulo Ferreira a run at goal but Thomas was quick to deny the full-back with an excellent sliding tackle to dispossess him neatly.

Albion showed their teeth minutes later, again it was Dorrans going for goal but like in the first half, his shot was deflected wide and came to nothing.

It was crucial for West Brom that they scored the third goal of the match but unfortunately for the club, they did not look like they had enough up top to threaten. Chelsea though, very much had the quality to score, at will it seemed, and with 54 minutes on the clock, the champions found away through for the third.

A corner was awarded to the home side and Malouda's in-swinging cross was met first by Terry, who headed at goal. Youssouf Mulumbu was there on the line to block the ball from crossing the line but it bounced rather fortuitously to Drogba who took a step to the side and put it in the back of the net.

The visitors now had a mountain to climb but things were about to get a whole lot worse for them minutes later.

Three-nil down, Chelsea were finding it easy to run through a dejected Albion midfield and Lampard would profit from this when he was allowed to run into the box and given space to fire a neat shot into the bottom left of goal.

Albion had now truly given up the game and Chelsea were zipping the ball around threatening another hammering at the Bridge that became their trademark last season. And the champions delivered on their threat with a fifth goal.

Much how Lampard was not closed down in a dangerous position outside the box, the same luxury was afforded to Drogba who looked up and unleashed a thunderous effort that left Carson with no chance and his team embarrassed on the opening day.

As West Brom weren't getting their foot on the ball Chelsea were allowed the luxury of passing the ball around at will and it wasn't any surprise to see the title-holders hit a sixth through Florent Malouda just before the 90th minute.

And that was that, with the away side thoroughly beaten, Chelsea passed the ball around to wind down the clock and storm to the top of the league.

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