Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Chelsea manager- André Villas-Boas

Waa….xtekejut pon bile Chelsea lantik André Villas-Boas pas pecat Ancelotti… hopefully he can bring success to this the way kite dok sebok2 ckp ‘wei Chelsea angkat bekas pengurus porto lah’ tp kenal ke korg???haha..ok b4 kite g lebih mendlm jo kite tgk skit biodata mamat nie..

André Villas-Boas

Nama asal dia Luís André de Pina Cabral e Villas-Boas. Lahir 17 October 1977 so makne nyer dlm umur 33-34 gitu la kan.lahir pulak kat Ulu Yam silap2x..haha lahir kat Loreto do Ouro parish of Porto.. nenek dia nie English tp nenek2 ats dia nie asal berasal Portugese.die nie becakap boleh tp "flawless English" la skit…dah kawin makne nyer wat girl2 tu xde makne nyer nak tegedik2..bini die Joana Teixeira kawin br g tahun 2004 ari tu..n dah ade 2 org ank pompuan….
[He is the youngest manager in history to win a European title and the manager with the highest transfer fee in history of 15 million Euros]->statement tu je kite dah tau yg die nie bakal jadi  jutawan..haha..xde la so die nie very2 talented person la bak kate org win 4 trophy with Porto fc 2010/2011 . The former Porto boss, who won the treble in his first season with the Portuguese outfit!!! nak bukti?  Sedikit story time dia kat Porto dulu:

When Jesualdo Ferreira left Porto, his name was also linked with the job at Estádio do Dragão, and Villas-Boas was finally announced as their new manager on 2 June 2010, having been presented on 4 June.[9] On 7 August 2010, he won his first trophy when Porto beat Benfica 2–0 in the Portuguese Supercup. He followed this with the Portuguese Primeira Liga, UEFA Europa League and Portuguese Cup titles.
In his first season as coach, Villas-Boas set the following records:
By winning the UEFA Europa League on 18 May 2011, he is the youngest manager ever to win a European competition, at 33 years and 213 days of age.
The club record for the most matches across all competitions unbeaten (36). This record was previously held by José Mourinho at 33 matches. Part of this streak was completed by the previous coach of FC Porto, Jesualdo Ferreira.
  • Ø  The most wins in Europe in one season by a Portuguese club (14)
  • Ø  The most points in a 30-game Portuguese league season (84)
  • Ø  The highest number of consecutive wins in the Portuguese league (16)
  • Ø  The biggest margin over the second placed team in the league (21)
  • Ø  The only team to win the Portuguese league without being beaten aside from Benfica in 1972/73.
On 3 April 2011, Villas-Boas won his first Primeira Liga, five rounds before the end, by defeating second-place Benfica 2–1 away at the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, becoming the third youngest coach to win it, only behind Mihály Sistka (1938–39) and Juca (1961–62). It is the second time that Porto won the Portuguese league by beating its rival at its home soil, the first time being 71 years ago, in the 1939–40 season when Porto clinched the title by defeating Benfica at the Estádio das Amoreiras.
On 22 May 2011, Villas-Boas won the Portuguese Cup, equalizing Tomislav Ivić (when he won 4 titles for Porto in 1987/88).

On 21 June 2011 Villas-Boas tendered his resignation as manager of Porto.The day after, he was appointed as the new Chelsea manager.

Yang menarik nyer die nie bkn pemain bola tahap pro pon..stakat main estate jer..itupon main time friendly lawan kilang kicap..sempat la score 3 biji..itu pon gol nasib keper silap tangkap..haha

Sedikit story career die dlm ke’coach’an:

At the age of 16, Villas-Boas (who was always a Porto supporter) lived in the same apartment block as the English Bobby Robson, who was managing FC Porto at the time. Following a debate between the two, Robson appointed Villas-Boas to Porto's observation department. Curiously, Villas-Boas had argued that Robson should play Domingos Paciência more regularly, the future coach of S.C. Braga who Villas Boas would defeat in the 2011 Europe League final to make history.Under the guidance of Robson, who was impressed with his fluent knowledge of the English language, he achieved his UEFA C coaching license as a minor at the age of 17 in Scotland. He then had a short stint as head coach of the British Virgin Islands national team at the age of 21, before he moved onto a career as an assistant under the management of José Mourinho at Porto, another protégé of Robson's. As Mourinho moved clubs to Chelsea and Internazionale, Villas-Boas followed suit.
Die punyer mentor xlain xbkn mentor aq gak iaitu Mourinho.caya sama lu..

Bile dah masok Chelsea die ckp 'The challenge for me is to keep winning' ..nampak beno Chelsea boleh menang 3 piala r musin 2011/2012 nie..confident is high! Kate aq la kan..

“No doubt the challenge for me is to keep winning, I am an individual who has that hunger for success and wants to keep it that way,” Villas-Boas told Chelsea TV.

“Don’t expect something from one man," he said, “expect a group dynamic of everybody getting together. Of the fans getting together, of everybody getting excited with the motivation that is around us and the new way of communicating and the new leadership.” Kate nyer lagi la kan…

Bagi aq la kan..byk Chelsea nie kne improve…hmm..malas nak pening2 aq nak bg pendapat la kan..dr segi tactical André Villas-Boas should try a new formation because 4-3-3 is a formation that has been used by mourinho and other manager..only Ancelotti used variation formation[it upon lepas beli Torres. He also should scout for a new player right now! My opinion 4 player is enough..first aguero-kun or Neymar as a young striker.kolou should be sell to another team because he cannot give a lot of goal to the team..drogba is passing out of age..following with anelka..torres? out of mind la..for midfielder the best is sneidjer from Inter Milan..he is the best midfielder in the world..another candidate maybe javier the way don’t forget the talented teenage JOSH McEACHRAN!!..lastly for the winger the best choice is DANI ALVES from Barcelona to play alongside with david luiz or alex..Develop young player la bro..xkan sorg je kot mampu?! And others thing you think by yourself la k..jual2 la player yg xbg sumbangan tu..mcm Henrique Hilario, Paulo Ferreira, Yossi Shai Benayoun, Jon Obi Mikel, Zhirkov, Salomon Kalou n Florent Malouda. Bawak masok palyer mcm aguero,neymar,sneider, pastore,bale,dani alves..dah!!!xyah byk2..mantap beb..jgn simapn sampah byk2..wat busuk jer..

Pe2 pon tahniah kat André Villas-Boas. Hopefully die dpt la menang trofi kat Chelsea nie..kang radang plok ABRAMOVICH…haha

Lagi info ttg Andre Villas-Boas

Andre Villas-Boas returns to Chelsea after a gap of just under four years.
He was our scout responsible for assessing opposition teams throughout Jose Mourinho's time in charge of the team which was between the summer of 2004 and September 2007.

He remained part of Mourinho's staff when Inter appointed the ex-Chelsea manager as their new coach for the 2008/09 season, allowing Andre to extend his experience of working in Europe's big clubs and experience more trophy success as the Italian club won the Serie A title.

Shortly after the start of the following season came the chance to move into management in his own right, the offer coming from Portuguese club Academica from the city of Coimbra. Raising the previously struggling club up to 11th in the table by the end of the season and into a League Cup semi-final impressed Porto sufficiently for Andre's former club to give him the senior coaching position with less than one year's experience of that role. He did not disappoint them.
The club returned to the type of silverware haul they enjoyed under Mourinho, winning the Portuguese Super Cup at the start of the season and progressing to win a domestic league and cup double and the Europa League by beating another Portuguese side, Braga, 1-0 in Dublin in May. Aged 33, Andre became the youngest manager to win a European trophy.

At home Porto had broken their own record for games unbeaten at the start of the season in all competitions, previously set in the Mourinho era. They played 36 times before losing a group stage League Cup game. They went through the league campaign unbeaten, drawing just three games out of 30 and scoring 73 goals as they finished a record 21 points ahead of second-placed Benfica, earning praise for their attacking style of football both at home and in Europe.
Andre was the first at Chelsea to hold the opposition scout role as a dedicated, full-time position and was innovative in the use of up-to-date computer and video technology to brief the coaching staff and players. It played an important part in bringing back-to-back Premier League titles and FA Cup and Carling Cup victories to Stamford Bridge.
His involvement in professional football began as a 17-year-old when then Porto manager Bobby Robson moved into the same building in the city.
A young enthusiast for the sport, Andre soon enjoyed conversations with the highly-experienced ex-England manager. With an English grandmother, he spoke the language to a very high standard which also helped his work when he moved to Chelsea.

He was invited along to Porto training sessions and Robson recommended his new protégé travel to the UK to take courses. He became the youngest person to gain the FA's coaching qualification.

Robson then made Andre the youth team coach at Porto where he remained until Mourinho's arrival seven years later, when he began working in the role he fulfilled at Chelsea first time around. Porto won two Portuguese League titles, the Portuguese Cup, the Uefa Cup and the Champions League before the coaching team moved to London in 2004.
 so harap2 la  zaman kegemilangan Chelsea akan bangkit semula dibawah pemerintahan rejim Andre Villas-Boas nie..wa die hard fan Chelsea mengucapkan slamat maju jaya..harap2 Malaysia menang lawan Chelsea 4-2..haha

yg kita kejar