Wednesday, September 22, 2010

attention to all the blogger and reader

Just to remind all that this blog is belong to me. All the article that has posted in my blog maybe i copy from others web, sources and articles (without/with permission) and another articles originally created by me. So i hope that all the article that has been posted is not illegal and brake the rule or law. This blog is just to show my article and to share some good knowledge and information with others member. I as a writer and also reader hope that this blog is not unlawful and also hurt the feelings of any party.The reader is not expected to leave any comments that may offend any party and influence any party for a particular purpose.I will not be held responsible for all the problems raised by the reader. Please think rationally for not violate the law and national sovereignty.I hope that the reading culture can nurture a healthy mind and generate a broader skills in all aspects.Thank you for your cooperation.