Friday, January 14, 2011

Dare to make a little bit of change!

First of all, Assalamualaikum to all Muslim in the world and good day to non Muslim in the world too.
Hurm..Actually I don’t have any idea @ lazy to write something news about myself but I still need to write something to post even I not a good writer. For this month January 2011, I have made a good plan for my study case, final year project and my financial problem. Let Me Told You About My Study Plan First. For My Timetable, I Only Don’t Have A Class On Wednesday. For Another Day I Just Have 1-2 Hours Lecture Except For Monday. A Lot Of Free Time Actually That Will Make Me More Lazy.Huk3x…Settle With It..So I Will Just Proceed Until Final Exam Come. [Death]. Second Is About My Final Year Project..A Good New Is My Partner And I Have Search 32 Boats Around Manjung And Hilir Perak That mean we have extra 12 boat for two administrative that will tell us 6 boats for Manjung and 6 boats for Hilir Perak.haha..Another 10 boats at Batang Padang will be search tomorrow.hopefully that we can finish our TARGET [42 BOATS BEFORE END OF JANUARY 2011]. LASTLY IS MY FINANCIAL PROBLEM. OK! LET WE DISCUSS TOGETHER. I HAVE USED ALL MY money that i save last month and shopping with my partner enjoyed our self, bought shoes, t-shirt and another stuff…a lot of stuff right now i don’t have money to survive. a lot of thing i need to buy.erm...innovation book, numerical note and bla bla bla. so what I need to tell you is I really really don’t have money. That it.[full stop]
January planning
Under progress x
Search boats at:


Hilir Perak

Batang Padang


Cuti2 Malaysia


New gf


Bikin Mira


Hurm….enouh writing~ see ya!