Monday, December 6, 2010

orange juice

How to make delicious orange juice milk


range is a one of the fruits that rich with proteins and vitamin C. With vitamin C that included in orange, it can protect our skin from dead cell and recovers it with new cells. For girl, orange is very important to help their skin look beautiful and smooth. I made orange juice for my mum. She said that juice that I have made is more delicious. It makes me feel happy. When I happy, I love to share my happiness to all my friends. Try to make it to your parent and see what they comment about your juice. Hahaha..

It's easy to do and you can make as much as you want. This article will tell you how to make a fresh delicious cup of orange juice.

Ok. For our discussion, I want to share with you all about “how to make a delicious orange juice”. Let talk about ‘quality’ and just ignore about ‘quantity’.


First, thing that you need is knife, mug or glass or drinking glasses, slotted spoon, juice extractor and everything that you thing is very important.


Orange, sugar, ice and milk (if you want to put in your juice).


1.Wash thoroughly, remove seeds, Take a knife and carefully cut circularly around edge of an orange and slice each of the oranges in half. Slightly separating the fruit and peel.

choose good oarnge
separated fruit n peel 
 juice extractor part (clean it)

2.Put your orange into your juice separator. Just push ‘on’ button or whatever button. After finish it you can get a juice from your orange.
3.Follow specific machine instructions on loading and juicing oranges if using a juice extractor.
4.If you have someone in your family that likes extra pulp, you can easily set aside the strained pulp and add it to their glass.
wow! delicious
5.Put it into your drinking glass. Add ice if necessary. If you like sweet, you can put some sugar. But avoid from put too much sugar because it will make your juice to sweet and sweet as you know is not good to our body.
6.If you want the different, you can add milk (put it as you want) to make the taste more delicious.
7.Lastly, try to make it beautiful with add some entertainment such as (everything that you thing is interesting to your but not to your family or friends). Hahaha..
8.Try it and you will love it.


-Please cut your finger while cutting the oranges.
-Please squirt juice in your eye.