Thursday, May 27, 2010

One time fail is bcoz always fail before this

Chapter 4! The summary..even business kite org xjalan, even kdai kiteorg xbukak, even air xbancoh, even plastic cawan xluak tp kiteorg XRUGI, just XUNTUNG jer.hihi..xpe achik..nanti ade r tu pluang kite tunjuk bakat..Maybe not now but someday who know?? Haha if we want to be entrepreneur we must be a risk taker. Take a challenge and prepare well.. So nice to have this experience with you achik. t kalo de mase kite g tgk wayang k..karok saye xlayan...hahaha.last word to say for u “if we not digging the holes we cannot perform the best..u got it I got it..Keep it up..i see u in s.alam..hahaha..Thanks to everyone who support and help me.i luve u all. Until they see u next time in the wrong place and time..aja aja fighting :-p
Pengkritik: syam(the “pom2 girl”)
Penjahat: achik (the “along bukit tinggi”)
Bomoh: wak kiDx (the “weather doctor”)

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