Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Futsal de ketapang vs dak xtau la..

Td aq main futsal..lame gler weh performance mmg ler drop abih t happy gak coz score 1 gol..Haha..feel die peh..mendapat sentuhan..da la pkai baju CHELSEA..mcm joe cole pon ye gak..ballack po ye sempit2 putus nafas daaa…anyway game is a game..lose and win is what we should face it..even my team lose that  game but we fight until end..angry and happy is a situation that we should keep up..angry went we loses and happy if we win that is like miracle..gamble to face it..pe2 pon SCORE 1 gol dah la…
Futsal: team ketapang
Score 1 goal: kiDx@ballack

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