Friday, September 24, 2010

hApY biRtHdaY 23 years old [oh! nooooooo..]

riday, 24 September 2010 around 10.45 am I write this..To me, for me that has been old day by day...for the 23 years that I have born in this world (thank to my beloved mum and dad who give me the life), my beloved family who always support me in all kind of condition, position and etc and thank to all my teacher, friend and enemy who make my life happy and sad. For the past 23 years I have through the entire situation that makes me feel more independent, mature and knowledgeable. For the past 23 years I have lost my beloved dad n brother who passed away( al fatihah ) and I also has make my life feel honor with my school results and diploma graduated.  I hope my future become better and better. I hope that for the future I will make my mum happy, marry with my beloved girl friend Anis, complete my bachelor level, work with highest pay at a good company and have happy day life. I regret that my life is further and still have long journey to accomplish but I will and work as hard as I can to complete that. Lastly, I hope that all that I wish can be a reality. Thank all because loving me and make my life wonderful with happiness and sadness.

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