Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to be a good person

ow to be a good person? With people around you, it difficult to show. Many people said that if you want to be a good person u must has a positive characteristic like kind, honest and caring. By surrounding yourself with people you respect and love, you can become a good person and naturally it will influence your characteristic to be a good person in community. Try to avoid committing major mistakes that will result in other person. Another way you can improve yourself as a person is to engage in mental tasks. By cultivating your brainpower, you will be able to improve your daily life And Boost Your Intelligence. Try To Observe People Around You. Watch Them Carefully And Analysis Their Characteristic Before Interact. A Good Influence Will Always Help You Avoid Common Mistakes. Being A Better Person Is Not An Inherent Trait That Most People Have. It Takes Effort And Work. It Is Impossible To Change Habits Over A Quick Period Of Time. The Process Needs To Be Lengthy And Slow. Another Thing You Can Do In Order To Help Make You A Better Person Is To Make Good Friends. A Real Friend Today Is A Good Friend Tomorrow. You Need to Find Good Friends who are positive will help you on the path of self betterment. Individuals who are positive and will reach out to you will always keep you positive about your lifestyle changes. In a world of harsh realities and infuriating people, it is difficult to navigate as a good citizen. Basically, identify what it is that being a good person means to you personally. Love yourself, accept everyone around you and try not to compare others characteristic or style with you. Boost yourself with pray and try to be a cool person who can handle everything in easy way. Be a volunteer, don’t criticize anyone and try to understand and appreciate in differences way. Do something charitable when you can and always be honest without hurting someone's feelings if possible. Helping hand also is important to impress your kinds to another people. When your Talks To Another People Please Don’t Try To Cheat Them And Chose Your Words Carefully. Think Like A Good Person! The Hardest Part Of The Society Is Changing One's Mindset To Reflect The Type Of Person One Aims To Be Rather Than The Type Of Person One Presently is. Sometimes you read something and it can totally change your life. Reading books also will help improve yourself and change your habits. A person who has knowledge, educated and versatile will be able to stick up with community. Simple word “People like smart people and book are friend”. Lastly the characteristics of a good person are reflected in his actions towards himself, towards people around him and to society in general. A good person is charitable, sociable and helps those in need and will try and provide for his family as best as he can. While it may not be easy to become a good person, the result will always be beneficial to you and will help you enjoy your life better.

Am I a good person?
a.     a.  No
b.      b.Yes
c.      c. Not sure

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