Monday, June 20, 2011

Some Useful Tips To Get More Traffic

When we created our blog for the first time and then publish our first article, we get all excited but after some time passes, we notice that there is no one going to your site and no one leaving any comments or maybe just a very minimal comment. It is every new blogger’s dream to get traffic to their site, but getting the traffic we want might be a bit tricky.

So today, I would to share with you guys some more useful tips on how we can get more traffic to our blog that I got from Misty Belardo.

Tip #1Offer informative and useful content
You might say that you have heard or read about this before, but I cannot stress enough the need to have the best content you can offer your readers. Share or offer original and varied content. Share information that will help others with real solutions, ones that are tried and tested by us, the author of the article.

Keep the articles fresh as well because traffic decreases when that happens. So we should write at least one new article each week. The number of articles we publish will depend on our own time and energy.

Tip #2 – Boost your search engine ranking
You can boost your search engine ranking by focusing your content on keywords related to your topic. This is also called Search Engine Optimization. This will allow your website or blog to be searchable via the web. Use words that come naturally to people of all ages when looking for your type of site.

To guide you, please note that your keywords should not be focused on just your title and pages only, but also on “meta-tags.” Meta tags are software codes that search engines see. Please make sure that you do not over do the keywords though. No matter how great your article is, if it not searchable then people will not be able to get the chance to read your masterpiece.

You also can see some ways here. 3 Ways To Get Traffic From Google Image Search

Tip #3 - Promote your blog or website
Just like in anything we do, when we want to be heard, we need to shout out and make sure to promote ourselves. The best way to get traffic is by promoting your blog or website. There are so many ways you can promote yourself. You can hold a contest or announce a giveaway, but make sure that the contest rules or mechanics are skewed to your reader’s interest.
Another way to promote your blog is via social networking platforms like FaceBook and Twitter. You can share your links on the sites, just remember the golden rule: Do not spam – share it once or twice in a day for Twitter and do not tag people on FaceBook that often, you might just end up annoying people rather than getting them interested in reading your articles

Tip #4- Be an active participant in blogging communities
Another good way for increasing traffic to your site is by actively participating in other blogging communities by doing the following activities:
1. Give constructive and useful comments on other blogs – When people see that you have useful things to share, then the chance of them going to your site to read more about you is higher.
2. Be willing to write guest posts – Writing guest posts will allow you to reach more people, especially if the site has a large following already. Just make sure that the topic is not far from your own niche.

Tip #5 – Do the obvious
We sometimes overlook the obvious, but there are simple things that we can do to bring people to our site. One great way is to add your site’s url on your email signature. Most emails, even the free ones, offer a signature file. Usually this feature is found under the heading of “options” in the email program. One note: Be sure to include the “http://” before the Web address so a link will be created for people who receive plain text emails as well as html.

Another way is to include your site’s url on your business cards. Simple, yes, but it will get the word out that you have a site that they can go to. Be creative and share a statement under your site’s url, make it something catchy. Last but not least, the most obvious thing you can do is tell others about it. I don’t think it would hurt sharing with your friends and coworkers that you have a blog that can help them with information they need!

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